Paying Corporate Tax in Costa Rica

Please remember that next Monday, April 30th is the last day you can pay your corporate tax without being charged a fine by the Costa Rican government. If you are going to dissolve your corporation, you do not need to pay the tax now, but the corporation would then need to be dissolved by July 1st, … [Read more...]

10 good reasons to invest in Costa Rica

1.  Costa Rica is a true eco-paradise bordered by two oceans (Pacific and Caribbean) and is a hurricane free zone.  Its terrific beaches, great people, ideal climate, breath-taking nature including volcanoes, tropical rain forest, fauna and flora makes it a true paradise…PURE LIFE 2.  According to … [Read more...]

Property Taxes

I).Municipal Real Estate Taxes: The "Tax"is due to the county  where the real estate property is located, on a yearly basis and payable as of 1st of January of every year at the local Municipality. The Municipality Real Estate Tax department collects the Tax in arrears in one, two or four payments. … [Read more...]

Non-resident financing

Financing in Costa Rica for Non Resident Real Estate Purchasers Lending Options Banks are divided in two categories: Government Owned and Private. Government owned banks historically have been more cumbersome to deal with and have more red tape and compliance procedures. Private banks have been more … [Read more...]

Maritime Zone Concessions

Information about leasing beach front property in Costa Rica. Since 1978 all beaches are public land, with very few exceptions.  Read about the restrictions and regulations governing Costa Rica's Maritime Zone Maritime Terrestrial Zone Concession Proceedings 1- Concession rights of occupation are … [Read more...]

Closing the Deal

Costa Rica real estate closing costs and information you must provide.   Closing Costs USD500 Property Purchase and Sale Contract, to prepare the Agreement prior to Closing with the Relevant Transaction Terms: parties' identification, property description, purchase price, means of payment … [Read more...]