Corporation taxes update 2017

As per regulation of Law No. 9428 as of September 1 2017,  government will begin to collect the tax on corporations, and for 2017 the amount of payment will be partial and prorate for the current tax for this year. This tax will be levied for all types of commercial companies, such as … [Read more...]

Closing cost in Costa Rica

Closing costs – registration fees, notary and attorney fees, documentary stamps and transfer taxes – will amount to no more than 6% of your total purchase price. The payment of closing costs is negotiable between the buyer and seller, though the buyer normally assumes these costs. 1.25% for the … [Read more...]

Co Ownership or Joint Ownership

1. Concept: (Coderechos o Co Propiedad): co ownership or joint ownership is based on art. 270 of the CR Civil Code of 1.886, which reads: "When a thing (object of ownership) belongs simultaneously to one or more persons; its owners exercise jointly all the rights of the singular proprietor, … [Read more...]